Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Fun!

I think we've missed our window for the fourth month in a row now (trying to conceive, that is), so I decided to get out and have fun with the kiddos today. We went to our church's playground and met up with a good friend and her son. So, we had an even number today--two boys, two girls. We were able to sit and talk and the kids played and ate snacks and had water and juice boxes. Just before we left, Zoe had a poo accident in her pants (the pull-ups got lopsided somehow and it came out of the side), but luckily I had kept an extra change of clothes in the diaper bag. Just this morning, I had thought of taking it out--glad I didn't! Then, lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. Everyone ate well and back home to play for just a bit before naps.

I've had a nice almost half hour nap and now I'm enjoying my decaf and watching Dr. Phil. It'll be another week at least before I'll have any hint whether we'll be expecting #3 or not. We've decided that we'll probably not be successful until the cycle just before our vacation at the end of May. We found out about both our girls while we were on vacations in 2001 and 2004. Good vacation surprises :)


Greg Landheim said...

How fun! Poo in the playground. Really makes me feel bad that I didn't have kids.

That's OK. I have a dog that likes to wipe her bum on the carpet. So when she gets that look, I get some kleenex and some blunt scissors. She flops on her back and I trip her hiney, pull off what is loose enough, and cut off what is too hard to get off without her squealing.

I never thought I'd spend 9 years in college so I could clean poop off a dogs butt.

Am I almost qualified to be a mom?

Misty said...

That would ALMOST qualify you--somehow poop on a dog's butt seems more gross to me though :)

Joni Ruhs said...

I remember the days of watching the conception clock. It took us 2 years with our 1st; 4 months with our 2nd; and our 3rd? Well I believe that was an alcohol-related forgot-what-I-ever-learned-about-taking-charge-of birth-control moment. Good luck!