Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday's Update

No, not terrific food. I'm not making much in the way of new recipes this week. So, just an update on my terribly non-exciting life :) Hold on to your britches!

Yesterday, ventured to Wal-Mart for groceries. Zoe was fussy the whole time. What a joy! I decided to upgrade my cell phone at Cingular. Got a new Samsung to replace my old one. It's dark gray, with a thin profile and takes pictures too! Pretty good ones, even. I have even downloaded two new games, Wheel of Fortune 2007 and Deal or No Deal. Won $400,000 on that one last night. Wish that was real.

Today--mailing in my $50 phone rebate, catching up on housework that is seriously behind. Dust bunnies everywhere. Swiffer has come to the rescue big time today.

Waiting for O this week (ovulation). Hoping it will happen on Friday since hubby won't be back until Thursday night. These trips are bad for our timing. Getting ready to take another ovulation predictor test. I finally was able to get positive ones last month, so hoping that will help with timing this month.....if my hubby is HERE, that is! Conceiving a child is nearly impossible when you're 120 miles from each other--unless I have one that doesn't look anything like him :) Kidding!!!! Totally kidding! Trust me, our mailman is NO looker! But the UPS guy on the other hand.....no, he won't be still long enough--hee hee! I'm in such a wierd mood. Can you tell?

Well, off to resume some of these fallen-behind chores whilst the little ones are napping. See you tomorrow with more wacky wild trivia!

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