Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And HOW could I forget???....

Yesterday morning before my hubby left for work, we booked our summer vacation. We've decided to go back to Lovers' Key Resort in the Fort Myers area of Florida. We loved it last year. It was a great hotel, and the state parks beaches were tranquil and clean. We made the decision Sunday night on our way home from visiting family and went ahead and booked it before we could change our minds :) It may be the last nice vacation we get to take for a while without the kids. We had discussed taking Meg along, but decided to wait at least another year for such a big trip for her. If you want to see the resort, here's the link:

If you ever want a nice place to vacation in Florida, check this area out--Lovers' Key State Park is off of the mainstream beaches, so it's quiet and well-maintained. Lots of wildlife. Just beautiful. I can hardly wait!!!

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