Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where you at, God?

Feeling like a bad mom, bad wife, bad friend, bad person this week. My support system is nil. Lord, you're even quieter than usual. My head cold seems to be my only constant friend, and I don't like that friend. Lord, I'm waiting for You to give me a ring, to stop by, to tell me it's ok, and that I'll get through it. Give me strength--just enough to get along and survive and keep my family surviving through this dry spell. I'm here, trusting in your strength, trusting even though I can't feel you right now. Knowing you're working in ways I can't see and understand. Praying for a good path to be made for my kids and hubby to follow in the days, months, and years ahead, praying for your direction for them, and that my own attempts to direct will be outweighed by yours. Thanking you for goodness, for family, for faithful friends, for the love of your Son. Amen

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