Monday, October 02, 2006

Poo Raisins

Yes, you read it right. Poo raisins.

Let me tell you about yesterday. I am perpetually late for church, especially when hubby is working A/V, and I am left to prepare our daughters for church alone. It was about 9:30, and I was finishing up my hygiene routine in the bathroom. I had the girls all dressed, and we were actually going to make it to Sunday School on time. Then, Zoe, my 20 month old, walks into the bathroom and what seems to be a chewed-up raisin appears by her foot. I thought, "Zoe didn't have raisins for breakfast. She must have found it on the floor." I picked it up, and an odor hit me, and I smelled it closer--it was a POO RAISIN!!!

I immediately washed it down the drain, and picked up Zoe, who had completely soiled herself and it was running down her lovely little dress pants. So, my morning was then spent taking off the poo raisin pants, re-bathing Zoe, taking out the very smelly garbage, disinfecting the changing table and bathroom floor, and washing the poo-raisin pants. Many more poo raisins were inside, and other unidentifiable chunks. Luckily I had Clorox 2 and Tide with Febreeze and the smell and stains came out. So, after everything was cleaned and disinfected, we headed on to church. Megan spent about 10 minutes in Sunday school, just in time for their snack, much to her joy, then we had to go to the 11:00 service. I spent my 10 minutes just sitting in the church lobby, enjoying a break from poo raisins.

Yesterday was my poo raisin day--didn't seem too bad until I looked closer--have you ever had a poo raisin day? Tell me about it :)

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