Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A truly sad day

Steve Irwin, the Australian "Crocodile Hunter" who made "Crikey!" a catch-phrase died in a freak accident yesterday off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He was stung in the heart by a sting ray. Very unlikely and unlucky accident. I would not have been as shocked to hear that he was decapitated by a crocodile or bitten and died by a poisonous snake. But a sting ray? Right through the heart? Totally shocking. He was filming a documentary at the time that he was also planning on filming with his 8 year old daughter--who was not there, thank the Lord. His wife and kids (Bindi-8 and Bob-2) were in Tasmania on vacation at the time and flew back there yesterday. I am so saddened because the world has lost such an enthusiastic "wildlife warrior", as he called himself. He excited lots of folks about wildlife of all kinds and educated us about creatures that have been villified over the years. I just wonder where all his work will go from here. Read the Discovery News article here:

Steve Irwin dies from stingray

*Edit: Steve's wife and kids were in TASMANIA on vacation, not the states.

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