Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Remembering the "Wildlife Warrior"

Though most people thought he was a bit crazy and figured he'd get taken down by an animal some day, what most people didn't know--and what the media ISN'T focusing on--is that Steve Irwin was a dedicated conservationist. Most of the money he made from his "Crocodile Hunter" program went into conservation efforts around the world. I'm still very saddened today, as are millions around the world, by his tragic loss and I'm tired of the media focusing on him holding his baby in the croc exhibit. They tell so little about all the good things he was involved in. Here's a good article about it. Whatever you thought or didn't think of Steve Irwin, let's keep his family in our prayers as they try to move on and keep things going without him.

Read the article here: Irwin Was a Self-Made 'Wildlife Warrior'

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Cheryl said...

I am tired of them showing that as well, but isn't that just like the media to look at the bad things? What happened to good news even in a tragedy like this. Steve Irwin was a devoted husband, a caring father, and as Misty stated a "wildlife warrior", so lets focus on the good.