Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ehhhhh, I'm bored.....

Oh, man, last night of Bible School. It's kicked my behind this week. The kids have seemed to enjoy the projects, but 5 nights in a row with groups of children, and having 3 of them at home all day has just gotten me down. Zoe and I have both caught little colds with terrible runny noses this week from those little petri dishes, I mean precious children. I'm feeling so anti-child-caring right now. Totally unsure why I end up doing these things. I have little patience, though some keep telling me, "You're so patient with them". I'm like, "What?! Who are you comparing me to?!" Ok, so I don't bonk them in the head or choke them or throw things at them, but it's not like I haven't thought about it. Honestly, does anybody really enjoy working with little ones all day? They cry, they whine, they break the crayons, they won't participate, they hit each other over the head with their crafts--they're little monsters! Ok, ok, I do love them, and I know they must be raised and taught with love, but dog-gone it, I am hoarse from yelling over them to get them to hear. I'm tired--tired of teaching, tired of mothering, tired of GLUE!!!
"Lord, I pray that what I'm doing and all the other workers at VBS and the work of all the mothers I know will pay off--that the kids will come away with some deeper longing to know more of you, to keep asking, learning, leaning toward a relationship with their heavenly father. And I ask for utmost patience for us all and unconditional love all around. Amen."

And I want a new laptop, and a new computer game, and another vacation.... :)


Magnanimity said...

Um, I don't care if what you did had any eternal significance or not...I got a break. Praise God Almighty. Sorry we kept disappearing and reapprearing only as needed, but there's only so much a person can take. Arg! I'm with you.

I did enjoy this year, though. I didn't have little ones to chase in addition to responsibilities. That's crazy. Take a break next year. You have my permission.

Misty said...

I do think it went quite well. Probably won't accept a leadership role next year, though. But I still want to help. It's fun, kinda :)