Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Surviving Bible School!

Yay! 2 nights down, and no craft shortages, and everyone is doing well. The kids seemed to enjoy last night's crafts a lot, though they were a little more complicated. We made kayak paddles for the 2/3's and 4's and king's scepter's for the 5's and Kindergardeners. I failed to anticipate that the kiddos would use these objects for "swords" and kept whacking each other with them, but no one lost an eye, and I was even able to remind them of their Bible stories and verses. I'll try to get a pic or two on here when the week is over.

You can guess which class was the rowdiest---my child's class, of course. The 4 year olds, and they're the smallest class ths year too. Something about that age, I guess. I think they are learning a bigger vocabulary and have more dexterity, but just don't quite know how to control either one yet. But I love em. Tonight--"Jesus loves people" murals for the little ones, and arctic "flowers" for the bigger ones.

You can see our theme, the "Arctic Edge", at http://www.lifeway.com.

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