Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday ice storm update

More freezing rain/sleet overnight.  Turned to snow this morning.  We probably have at least an inch of snow over the ice right now, but looks like it's ending.  

The water plant is out of power and they don't have their own generator.  The National Guard is looking for one that is big enough to supply their needs.  I think they need to buy one of those industrial built-in generators if you ask me.  Just to be prepared in situations like this.  So now, our county is out of power, many are out of heat, and we have no water now.  

Oh, and our phone lines are out as well as the cell phones.  Apparently, people from outside the affected area can call in, but we can't call out anywhere.  If you want to check in on us, call us and it'll probably get through.  

First Baptist Church is acting as a shelter, but they are filling up.

Now, Bryan and many others are helping our church (Second Baptist) to set up a diesel generator so the church will be fully functional and available as a shelter tonight to anyone who needs it.  Some also served food from there last night--I suppose they cooked with gas.  They may be serving food after powering up today.  

Anywho, the kids and I are just hanging out stuck in the house, but thankfully, we have a working generator so we are staying warm and we have plenty of food to eat.  Keeping them entertained is the biggest challenge so far ;)  I'll try to head out and get some pictures soon.

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