Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

Our county is a disaster area.  Again.  In less than a year, we've lived through a tornado that destroyed several homes last February, a wind storm that wiped out power for a week for many in our region, and now an ice storm like we haven't seen in years.  The linemen have worked overtime in each of these situations just to get our power back.  It must be so frustrating for them, especially as trees are falling constantly under the weight of the ice.  I pray God will keep each of them safe as they work day and night to get us up and running again.

We have (or had) several beautiful trees in our front and back yard that are now being desimated by the ice.  And more is coming now, with snow predicted after that.  I will try to post pictures tomorrow.  You wouldn't believe how many huge limbs are down all around our house.  I don't know if we can salvage any of our trees.  I sincerely hope our backyard trees around our swingset survive, but I think one at least may be lost.  They provided such nice shade during summer play.

My husband worked all day to find and hook up a generator, so we have heat and enough power to run our refrigerators, cook, and watch TV.  We still are conserving the lights and only running one small appliance at a time.  Dishwashing will be done by hand for now and we can shower, thanks to a gas water heater. I'm thankful that we can be warm and well fed, especially with "the three" here at home until school gets back in session.  

I dread going to bed, just to be startled by each crack and boom of more limbs falling, like I heard all night last night and all day today.  However, I thank God that we have a warm home to sleep in and pray that He will give each of us the strength to clean up and help our neighbors when the storms are over.  If any of you locals happen to read this and need heat or know someone who does, we have two spare bedrooms you can crash in if you need em.  Stay warm!

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