Friday, January 02, 2009

Random post

For all you WGMGB fans (wow, that was long), I am no longer on official hiatus from blogging, though don't expect frequent posts. The holidays have pretty much come to a close. My dear hubby has helped me clean up and put away stuff and life is moving back to a somewhat normal pace. I'm feeling more inclined to blog now.

So, the big party for our 7 year old Megan is tomorrow at the local skating rink. I have made cupcakes and will carry them in my new cupcake transporter I got for Christmas. I may also try skating, though it has been years since I've done it. Megan has been practicing ever since Wednesday all over the house. I'm wondering if skating is like riding a bike--once you learn, you never forget? Guess we'll see how many bruises I get.

Tonight, though, my awesome hubby surprised me with a homecooked dinner. It was all his own new recipes. He made some chicken stroganoff, porcupine meatballs in a zesty sauce, and some pork tenderloin topped with some shredded cabbage salad, mango, peaches, and toated almonds...and he even made a peach/mango reduction sauce. I swear it looked like something you'd see on Iron Chef America. I'm not sure why I still cook :)

I've had a couple thoughts lately about public restrooms. I warned you this was a random post, didn't I? Anywho, ladies, please...if you don't want to do the shaky squatting thing over public toilets, just make sure we ALL sit down on them. Pretty sure we can't catch much from thighs alone. And if you make a splatter, for goodness sakes, clean it up so the next person can sit. My knees are getting too old for the squatting thing.

Now for a more serious public bathroom thought...why in the world can't family establishments put in sinks that little kids can reach? I have been to very few places where my 3 year old can actually wash her little hands without me having to pick her up. Very often, my 7 year old can't reach the handles or soap.

How hard would it be to either lower the sinks or at least put a stool under there so little kids can reach the sink? Sometimes I'm holding the baby and I can't pick up anyone else to help them wash. I bet it's also hard for some handicapped people in wheelchairs to reach these really high sinks.

So, looking for advice here...should I start e-mailing restaurants and other family venues to see what can be done about this? Would it be worth it? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

One on the hip, one squished into the sink sqaulling "you're squishing me!" is never fun.

I'm also against "adult" dispensers of "entertainment goods" in public bathrooms at gas stations locally (think new estabilishments). For Pete's sake! Explain THAT to your kids.

Susan said...

you might try carrying that hand sanitizer stuff in your bag for the little ones. My youngest, age 15, carries it in her purse so she doesn't have to wash her hands in the public restrooms!