Thursday, November 06, 2008

"The sky is falling!"

I'm not a politcal girl. I don't debate on politics...or religion for that matter. Always ends up in vicious cycles of finger-pointing and judging.

However, the e-mails are still coming now about how Obama is the Anti-Christ (or insert other scary term here). I'm hearing apocolyptic whisperings passing between people as I'm out and about. Haven't watched "The 700 Club" yet, but I'm sure there's some doom and gloom going on there too.

I shall not debate the politics, but will someone please enlighten me as to why electing Barack Obama as president is signaling the end of the world? I have a feeling the same fears have arisen as other world leaders have come into power (remember Hitler?).

Like him or not, I feel like we should be in prayer and support of our new president and administration. It is our duty to pray for their wisdom and leadership. Enough with the "sky is falling" warnings.

Feel free to post your thoughts. This is another of my posts about controversial topics. Any and all thoughts are welcomed, but will be screened of course :) Post away.


Anonymous said...

I will admit up front that I voted for McCain.

I think there are a couple of reasons that people are so "down" on President Elect Obama.

His (by some standard) somewhat questionable start in politics and the relationships he had to guide him.

Some people are just plain ole racists.

But I think the bigest reason is that most people see what they expect to see. They go in with preconceived ideas and don't stop until they are "justified" in thier views.

Anyway that's just my twenty-two cents worth.

Cheryl said...

I voted for McCain. I voted for McCain because I don't believe in killing babies, gay marriage, etc. That is what Obama is for. I don't see how people can vote for him knowing what he stands for.

Now don't get me wrong, McCain wasn't all sweet and sugar. Some of McCains economic issues I am not sure I am for. But I do know that I voted for the right man. I just hope that Obama will do a good job. That is all I can hope for now. I did not say this to offend anyone please don't take it that way, it's just my opinion.

However, I do believe that democrats will be tucking their tails once they see what "change" they have voted for.

I don't think America voted for morals and truth, I think they voted for money. I understand that money is a great thing, we need a change but I don't feel this is the change we needed. Just my opinion, please don't take offense.

I wouldn't say the sky is falling either but we need to pray that everything will go just fine.

Obama is president, we should now pray for him and pray he will do the right job. I agree Misty stop the "chicken little" syndrome people :)

Anonymous said...

Great comments...totally agree with mssc and cheryl, and with your observations.

Scripture speaks of a downward spiral of moral standards before a society is considered totally degraded and without hope of renewal by God. This happened and was seen in Sodom and Gomorrah, and at that time, God was a God of judgment and we say his opinion of that culture and what it was doing. The homosexual lifestyle was shown...but, at that time, even worse, a lot of rapes with it and sexual appetite reigned. We are moving closer and closer to that standard and normalizing what God calls sin. With a president who agrees with those people and their lifestyles, we will see more money available to schools and such who can force that agenda, and eventually, that will trickle down to become a requirement. It will be taught as "normal" and something we should accept as such. I hate that my kids will eventually be taught something our religion is against. But, we can handle it, hopefully, by the grace of God.

Not only will abortions be allowed, but funding will be available for education, girls will be told their bodies are their own...and I can't imagine my daughter dealing with something like that on her own without my input or help. Some schools already somehow help that those situations I hear.

I thought we were close to the end of times many devastating natural disasters, economic collapses, banking failures. Many countries desire a one world economic system, and this is a big sign of the end of times when that comes to pass. Whereas Republicans are known for spending less (though, in a time of war, Bush was unable to uphold that), Democrats are known to be big on spending and government programs. We just can't afford that kind of mentally right now.

I suspect most people see into the future and are playing out what that will mean in terms of economy. We'll just have to see.

I think we have a big job on our hands to help prepare people, and if this motivates us to get down to business and get some people educated and saved...we need to get motivated and not fearful. I get so passive with it sometimes that really considering how close we may very well be is an agenda shifter.

Good thoughts. Great to hear from you. Sorry for the length.

Misty said...

First, thanks to you all for posting. I love hearing people's thoughts on various subjects. Keeps my old mind in shape :)

Now, I'm sorry to say that I didn't vote on Tuesday. Bryan was out of town and I didn't have the will in me to drag the kids along to stand in line or get childcare. Our state went with McCain, which is who I was going for anyway.

I feel like the administration is cyclical, though, and eventually, everyone will tire of what the Democrats do wrong and will swing back to the Republican side. Like the Reagan/Bush terms, then the Clinton years, then the Bush Jr. years, now back to Democratic Obama years.

If you think about it, every new day does bring us closer to the end of the world. However, it's likely not to be right on our doorstep just because of a change in politics.

We do, however, still have a duty as Christians to live every day as if the end was near, and live every day for Him, helping others get there too.

Theresa said...

This is the first election that the public has been deluged with information, both truth and lies. With the internet and all the "scandal sheets" as I call the tabloids the stuff was flying every direction. I believe that the more a person hears something the more they'll believe it is true.

I think some people believe that Obama is the anti-christ, although I've always imagined him/her to be a blonde haired blue eyed charmer (guess I watched The Omen too many times). It may be that times are so bad right now that anyone that reads the Bible would have to believe that the end of times are close. Of course, I remember my Grandmother telling me that in the late 60's.

Randy worried that Obama had too much money to throw around and wondered who was buying the post. He wasn't concerned about his race or his heritage because he believes that it is what is inside each person that makes them, not what is on the outside. I have coworkers who hold firm that Obama really is a Muslim, thinking his Hawaii birth certificate was fake. They don't care that his father left him when he was small or that he was raised by his Grandmother.

I have a relative that is a racist although I have to say I've been working on him over the years and he's either getting better or just being less vocal. He refused to vote for Obama, not because of his beliefs but because of his color.

Another relative didn't vote at all because she said it didn't matter what she said anyway.

It has been a history making election. Not only as the most expensive (but that probably won't hold up after the next one), by electing a mixed race candidate but also as the first one where the country came out in droves and supported their candidate. Never in history have so many people voted. Never in history has so many people really came out and campaigned.

The election is over. It doesn't matter now who voted for who. We have a new President. It's time for the country to stand together in support of the morals and values that our Constitution declared so many years ago.

Remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Or in High School Musical terms, We're All in This Together!

Misty said...

Well said, Theresa! Thanks for posting!