Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Trans Am Nationals coming up again this weekend. Seems like it came up fast. But looking forward to being in the winner's circle this year, instead of cooped up inside the car, cleaning every nook and cranny. We're taking the baby, have a room right there at the airport hotel, so I can take him in to nurse and for naps. Looking forward to quality time with my man :)

Trying really hard to incorporate walking a few days a week after I drop off Zoe at preschool. Motivation is really lacking, but once I get out there, I feel better. Now, the last leg of the walk is when I start to regret it as I pant my way up the last hill :)

Also, trying to keep eating under control. I've eliminated (mostly by myself unforunately) all the cookies and ice cream in the house right now, and don't plan on buying any more any time soon. Trying to muster up the willpower to not eat anything after supper the rest of the week unless I'm just REALLY hungry, and then, only a bowl of Cheerios with skim milk. At least that's the intention anyway.

Pondering changing routines. Since both girls are in school (1st grade and Pre-K), we've had to change routines from summer laid-backness to a more disciplined schedule. My body and mind are rebelling something awful, especially since Zachary is teething and unpredictable in his sleeping habits.

Is change hard for you? Do you often think back to past routines or habits, and remorsefully say, "I used to..." Do you think like that about your loved ones too? About things they "used to" do or like, but don't do anymore? Sometimes it's hard to accept how people change as they get older and they adapt to circumstances. So, I like to try to keep my focus on my Rock, the One who never changes, who is always the same, no matter how much my life shifts. I try to keep my eyes on Jesus, who keeps me steady when I don't have the will to do it myself.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, change is hard, even though it can also be exciting and sad at the same time. We are going through LOTS of change at this time. Pray for us.