Monday, August 04, 2008

Last day before school

Ah, the last day before school starts. Thought I'd share some pics of my kiddos that I've enjoyed this summer.
A few days ago, Zoe was our little cowgirl in her PJ's--how sweet is that?

Zachary loves his new exersaucer and chews on everything he can reach.

"What? Who doesn't like to chew?"

Last night's supper of baby food carrots--looks pretty satisfied, eh?

This morning, after he ate about 5:30 am, he slept in until almost 10 am, bottom up in the air, hands under him, mouth hanging open--now that's asleep!

Our morning project--the girls and I made jewelry from some of the several kits Meg got for her birthday. Meg took this pic of me with the earrings and necklace she made for me. She was very proud of them.

We also made cookies together today and I let them play outside while I mowed around my blueberry bushes. The weeds were about to overtake them. I pulled up the rest of the weeds and now it looks good around there. Now that I've cooled off, have Zach down for a nap and the girls settled with some video games, I'm hitting the shower.


cheryl said...

you better take a shower....i can smell you all the way over here :) just kidding. nice bling your sporting there ;)

that's you though, always worried about the bling....

Misty said...

Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

sweet pictures of sweet kids - back to school came so quickly this year

Joni said...

I LOVE when they sleep with their butts in the air. I think I have a picture of each kid in the position.

Maddie goes back along with JDs first time on Aug 25. I don't want JD to go. He and I have had lots of dates lately.