Monday, July 07, 2008

Why I'm in a bad mood

1. The holiday weekend is over too soon.
2. Which means I had to come home and face all the piles of chores that I never can get done.
3. And no aunts, nanas, or grandpas to change diapers and watch the youngins for a while--they spoil me when we're there.
4. I ate way too much over the weekend and I really need to be good this week to make up for it.
5. I've got head/neck/shoulder pain after my chiropractor visit this morning, and he doesn't want me to strain anything while I'm exercising, so I decided to let it go today and that just means one more day behind on exercise.
6. Money's tight, but we've still got mouths to feed and the bills keep on coming--never a holiday on those, huh?
7. I hate whining, which makes me even madder at myself for doing it now *grrr*

Tomorrow--hope to get back to some sense of a routine.


Jules said...

Well, if it helps I'll chime in on a ditto, except for the Chiropractor thing.
Now you can look forward to the August rush to get school clothes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was right there with you on Monday...I suppose the holiday weekend spoiled me a bit as well.

I took a few slow days and caught up slowly with NEW CORN STARTING TO COME IN EVERYWHERE! MMmmmmm. Flea Market corn with GREAT today! I highly recommend it for all that ails!

Thanks for a down moment shared...reminds me it's part of the game.

Joni said...

Vent away! Who else can understand then us moms? It'll get better.