Friday, July 04, 2008

Travelin again

But this time to see family for the 4th of July weekend. My youngest niece is also turning 6 today, so we'll be celebrating tomorrow with her. Bryan's off today, so we're heading out around noon to see the folks.

In other news, we found out yesterday that the Days Inn that we stayed at last weekend has lost it's franchise from the chain as of June 12th. However, they have a grace period of 60 days to keep up the sign and remain on the website. So, complaining to the Days Inn customer service was useless. I highly doubt the manager would even care, seeing as how the whole staff acted there, so I guess we'll just close that chapter and learn from experience. I'm just glad I never put the baby in the pool!

Theresa says I need to start scrapbooking, after seeing my zoo pics ;) I actually have scrapbooked off and on for a year or so, but haven't done any for quite a while. Life just gets in the way and I can't focus on it. I love digital scrapbooking, and still have Scrapbook Flair and Creating Keepsakes on my computer. Maybe I'll spend some time the rest of the hot summer days before school starts getting some pages done.

A big project I need to tackle is getting our pictures under control. I've got package after package of pictures that need a home. The ones in the frames are really outdated, and I need me some albums to put the rest in. Anyone know of good places to buy cheap albums?


Anonymous said...

I'd go against cheap and wait until you can afford a set of albums that would look nice all stacked the same size. Otherwise, you end up doing and undoing and redoing through the years trying to store them attratively. I found a set of leather-look ones I have and will use them for some 4X6 eventually, I suppose. I started scrapping about that time, and STILL wish all my albums were a standard size and color after that investment.

I would like to have this:

This is the album:

This is the process of mixing various size pages--I like this idea, actually--It would solve some problems for me...

There are also THESE you can add in for ease of printed pictures here and there:

I love Ali Edwards design style for scrapbooking. She seems to capture a warm style, and yet a designer's style all at the same time. It's practical and yet still creative. Fast, and yet thoughtful.

Check her out. I'm inspired afresh just listing my favs I've saved from bloglines to enter to this comment field!

Theresa said...

Can't help you with the cheap frames but can help you with PhotoShop Elements if you decide to digital scrap. Actually have a free program that came with my laptop (I already had it), you're welcome to it. Just let me know.

Michael said...

Nothing worse then a quick "get-away" from the normal day, when it is trumped by the "it couldn't happen to anyone else" place to stay :) We miss you guys...come home :)