Friday, July 11, 2008

Things you may not have known about Me Tag

Theresa, that crazy woman friend of mine :), just tagged me today with one of those get to know me things. Well, I'm too tired to do anything else right now, so what the hey?

10 years ago I was:
Taking a summer course on molecular techniques at UofL, had been married a year, was working at Signature Inn in Louisville as a front desk clerk, and lived in a one bedroom apartment in not-so-good a neighborhood with my hubby, who was also working and going to college.

Five things to do today:
1. Pick blueberries before all the Japanese beetles get them. (check)
2. Vacuum carpets (check)
3. Get girls to pick up their room (took several hours, but check)
4. Look up unknown terms for veggies, herbs, and supplements from my "You Are What You Eat Cookbook" by Gillian McKeith from the BBC America show. Did you know another name for zucchini is courgette? (check)
5. Finish up laundry and hard floors....but don't know if that'll happen or not low.

Snack I enjoy:
Gracious, if I had my way, it would be chocolate of some form, especially brownies or cookies, but right now, I usually opt for a Fiber One bar and a few almonds.

Things I would do if a Millionaire:
Leave for Hawaii, never to return? No, really, I'd pay off all our debts, and all our family's debts, give a generous amount to our church and maybe a few other charities, and maybe open up a restaurant or bakery. I'd also make sure all my kids had enough for college and that we had enough to retire to a nice condo in Ft. Myers, FL :)

Places I have lived:
Grew up in Russell Springs, KY; Lexington, KY for college; Louisville, KY for more college and married life; Mt. Washington, KY for our first house; Central City, KY for a couple months when we first moved here; and Greenville, KY since we bought our house in April, 2002.

The four people I'm going to tag are Stacey, Joni, Rosi, and Susan. Have at it!


Theresa said...

molecular techniques, huh, bet that was an interesting way to spend the time!

Misty said...

That was honestly the best and most useful class I ever had there!

Joni said...

Yay! I love these!!

Anonymous said...

molecular techniques??????????

Misty said...

Oh, yes...Western blots, electrophoresis was beautiful! I loved it..biology rocks!