Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello smelly poos

We started Zachary on baby cereal yesterday. He took it quite well. Didn't spit out much of it. He got tired of it toward the end, though, and just wanted his mommy milk....NOW!! (as usual) So now we must be prepared for the beginning of smelly baby poop again.

Last night was the beginning of this year's VBS. We are doing a Hawaiian theme this year. I'm helping with preschool crafts, but not directing this year. It's so fun to help the little ones make their little things and see how proud they are to complete them. Zachary did very well in the nursery all night. He slept for a while, then had fun watching the other kids.

Tonight, Bible school again. Right now, I've finished my exercise and am enjoying my coffee, while making the girls pick up all the toys they scattered when some friends were here on Saturday. Making them pick up sometimes is more of a chore than just doing it myself, but Bryan keeps reminding me that I have to get them in a habit of doing it or they never will. So, every five minutes I'm yelling, "Pick up!" and reminding them what things go where, etc.

Hawaii's looking better all the time...


Theresa said...

what worked here for picking up was to set the timer and make it a game to see who could pick up more in the same time, me or DS and now the nephews when they come over--still works

Joni said...

Ah yes, the smelly poops. How nice it was in that first 4 months!!