Saturday, June 07, 2008

Where did the quiet go??

My girls are back....*sigh* :) I'm really glad to have them home, but it was nice to have a quiet week with just Bryan and Zachary. We even went out last night to see "Don't Mess with the Zohan"--Zachary's first movie. He did really well. I put him in his sling and he slept most of the time and I nursed him in there when he got fussy. Good place to nurse in the dark :)

The septic guys finished up this afternoon. Bryan re-spliced the wires and gas line that was cut and now everything's covered back up. We have a lot of grass re-sowing to do now. But I'm so glad it's fixed. No more pumping smelly water into our backyard. No more worrying about it coming back up into the basement.

Bryan's folks were kind enough to bring the girls all the way back here so we could hang around until it got finished today. We grilled out for them and we all ate and visited a while, and now it's back to normal life.

I'm sleepy.

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