Friday, June 06, 2008

Lemonade and Septic Work

Those two things would not appear to go together, nor should they!

However, after months and months of having to pump out nasty water from our septic system into our backyard because our drainage lines are really old and have collapsed...well, the repair man finally came today! He had to wait until the ground dried out enough.
I was happy to see him arrive, but not 1/2 hour after he began digging with his backhoe, he came to the door to tell me he had dug up electrical and gas lines that ran to the garage. My hubby had just redone those a couple years ago to rewire old wiring and add the gas line.
*SIGH* Ok, so call Bryan (which I have to end up doing every time something's fixed around here--I don't know if it's myself or the repair people who are the most incompetent). Got the gas and electric turned off per his instructions.
Now, he's on his way home to assist in the situation.
I feel aggravated and helpless, so what to do? Oh, make fresh lemonade, of course! I had found this recipe online: I had already bought a bag of lemons and decided now's the time to mix it up. Looking back, I'm not sure $5 for the bag of lemons was a great deal for only getting one pitcher, but hey--it's GOOD!
I'll drink it while I'm watching men tear up my backyard.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! Hope everything gets worked out soon. Thanks for the advice earlier on my blog. I just don't do well when it comes to big decisions such as the one I'm dealing with right now!

Susan said...

what at mess! I pray everything works out okay!

Anonymous said...

So...the guys don't CALL the gas people to see where lines run BEFORE they start digging? Oh good grief.

it you want to stretch tings, i often start with country time or lemon juice, and supplement with lemons for that fresh taste, and cut some to float in the top...