Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts

Babies are so genuine when it comes to bodily functions. They can be smiling and cooing at you, and out pops a burp or poot, and right back to smiling and cooing. There's no embarrassment or shame. They're just so natural.

Now, kids Megan's age (6 and up) them, every bodily function, especially the loud ones are hilarious! Entertainment at the dinner table often involves Meg trying to burp the alphabet.

Never a dull moment around here people....I'll be here all week! (literally)

One more thought: this morning I made blueberry waffles. I can't cook anything that these girls will devour like pancakes and waffles. I think they both had 5 at least. I lost count. Why can't they devour broccoli or green beans like that? *sigh*

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