Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where you at?

That's what people are saying, probably. I woudn't know since I haven't seen or talked to anyone for any length of time for quite a while :)

We've been to church a couple times since Zachary was born, but I've only been there for Sunday school. We've been on one trip to see our family and one nice date night (with Zachary of course), but that's about it.

This week, Megan is back at school after spring break--a few wonderful days of sleeping in that week....ahhh! Now, I'm trying to get back into some sort of working routine. Working around a three year old and a fussy baby is not easy. When he's not napping, Zachary is demanding to be held or fed, so I've got little spurts of time during the day to get stuff done.

You know that great advice, "Sleep when the baby sleeps"? Well, that ain't happening with a 3 year old in the house. If I'm lucky enough to get them both asleep at the same time, well then we'll try it. Bryan and I actually got all 3 of them sleeping for a good long nap on Saturday. It was wonderful! But doesn't always happen, so I'll have to learn to deal with some sleep deprivation for a while longer. Might as well wash some towels or something, eh?


touchofglory said...

I remember when Luke was a newborn and had colic. Syd was only 2 and there was no way I could nap when he napped. I had so much guilt and some depression feeling like I wasn't giving Syd enough time, so when he slept I spent time with her (and caught up on everything else that needed to be done). Praying for ya!

5purposedriven said...

That is tough. I remember The Hub and I rotating nab times on Sunday with kids so we both got sleep!