Thursday, April 10, 2008

A nice spring break day

Last night we picked up the girls from visiting our family and got home around 9pm. Zoe slept her first night in the bunk bed. It took a while for them to finally stop giggling and hopping around to go to sleep. This morning, Zoe got up at 5:45 and she and Meg both had to use the bathroom. They giggled and carried on until almost 7, when I threatened them with dire consequences if they didn't go back to sleep :) So then a listing of our day so far, just because I want to do it that way....

*slept in (Zachary right by me to get a little extra shut-eye) until 9:00.
*Got up, mixed up pancake batter, fed Zachary.
*Actually had to wake the girls up at 9:45.
*Cooked pancakes and thouroughly enjoyed them--Megan had 6, I think!
*Went outside to play with new chalk toy, swing, etc before the rain comes. Zachary woke up in his stroller, so I fed him outside.
*Went back in to clean up little dirty hands and change dirty pants, put Zachary in the crib for a nap.
*Cut up an apple, poured some pretzels and cheese puffs in a bowl for snacks and poured some Sierra Mist.
*Sat in the dining room for snacks and a few rounds of Uno.
*And now, we're taking a TV/computer break before we get into Crazy Eights :)

We'll be tired tonight, but it's fun anyway.

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