Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hard decision

I decided to skip the Easter egg hunt at our church today and stay here with Zachary. Bryan took the girls along. I helped them into some new spring outfits and fixed their hair. Bryan has the video camera and my digital one so I hope he gets some good footage for me. It's the first egg hunt I've missed since the girls started hunting eggs.

I had thought about getting my front carrier out and taking Zachary along, but decided to sit it out this year. Zachary was up and down a lot last night, crying with gassiness or something, so I'm especially sleep deprived. Also, it's still cold/flu season and really chilly outside, so I figured taking him along with a church full of little sniffly kids was probably not the best idea, since he's only two weeks old today.

So just a morning alone with Zachaboo, time to rest and reflect on the real Easter miracles. Later, the girls and I will be coloring Easter eggs, and I'll gear up and rest up for tomorrow, when we'll finally get Zachary to church for his "debut". :) See you then!

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