Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg hunt or bust?

Sounds like it was a bust. Bryan called the house 1/2 hour after the egg hunt started saying it was already over and the poor girls barely got any eggs. In fact, Zoe only got one. The kids all ended up hunting at the same time at different ends of the church, so Bryan could only be with one at a time. By the time he got back to Zoe, she was already coming back inside, holding one Hershey kiss from the one egg she got, crying her little eyes out. I don't know what happened with the planning this year. Last year we held it indoors and different groups went at different times and there were enough eggs. I didn't bring any this year due to the baby coming and all, and I guess not many other people did either.

But despite the disappointing church egg hunt, we had a nice one here at home. Bryan asked me if I could get some eggs prepared and hidden all around the living/dining rooms. So while he antd the girls were still out, I prepared a bunch of eggs with candy, stickers, and change we had around here. They had a great time hunting them and going through their "stash".

Now, boiling eggs to color after naptime. I'm so sleep deprived, I hope I don't color Zachary or something :) But I'm determined to have a little fun today.

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Anonymous said...

I know - Sydney only got three eggs, and I think Meg felt sorry for her and gave her two of hers! How sweet! Lucas only got 3 or 4. I went out with him and we were only out there for about two minutes. When I came back in, Sydney was already done. Luckily, my mom came and went out with her. We were back at the house within 30 minutes!