Monday, March 10, 2008

And the milk comes in...

Whoa! Let's just say I can't believe I was a B cup before I got pregnant!

Zachary is doing well. He's nursing every 4 hours or so at the moment, except for last night when he wanted mom as a human pacifier :) We finally ended up sleeping together so he could nurse to sleep and I could get some sleep too. He's finally stopped passing meconium (that yucky tarry first poop) and is getting that mustardy yellow breast milk poop. We've already been hosed with pee a few times! Changing a boy will take some getting used to!
Here's a pic from right after he was born and one with the girls first meeting him. I'll post a few more later as we get them converted from raw format.


touchofglory said...

Yeah, after changing Sydney for two years, Lucas took some getting used to. I finally had to start immediately laying a wipe over his you know what as soon as I unfastened the diaper because he peed all over me and himself every time!!!

Joni said...

Boys are fun like that. It took 4 days for my milk to come in on all the kids. Not fun those 1st couple days. Especially with my first. I had no idea what was going on. I do miss my nursing boobs. They made the rest of my body look proportional! :)

achangedheart said...

As hectic as it seems now, enjoy the time. It passes all too quickly.

5purposedriven said...

Yup, gotta love nursing. My brothers called me "boobs on a stick" during that time. It was met with icy glare.

I kept cloth diapers on hand for that purpose...the boy thing. It's just not fun in the middle of the night to be hosed!

You all look so good! The pics are awesome! I want to come by soon, but I hate to catch you resting. I'll be out today running around, but we'll see. I know naps are precious.

Thinking of you often.

Stacey said...

Yeah, nursing boobs are nice. What's not so nice, is freshly weaned ones. :)

I actually got hosed a few times with BF poop. It's amazing the pressure those little ones can have!

Enjoy your babymoon!