Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I want to go away

Somewhere cool and quiet. We've been having this little heat wave around here (around 70 degrees) and I'm really hot...I mean really hot...not in your good-looking way, but really sweltering! I'm so glad I haven't had to be really pregnant in the summer time. I would melt.

Then, today, Megan was at it again, not wanting to go to school this morning, even though I took her. I told her I would take her and eat lunch with her at school once a week. We have figured out after a phone call with Nana that Megan may be anxious about me going to the hospital while she's at school, and she may be scared about who will pick her up and if I'm coming back, etc. I also think the long days are still getting to her as well, so I'm trying to keep her napping in the afternoon and get her to bed at or near 8 pm.

After that, Zoe had a nice little Valentine's party with her library story time group. Then we came back home, and the day went downhill.

First, my dad calls complaining about how much he was hurting last night from his kidneys. He's sure his kidneys are shutting down and he's "not going to make it until spring". He says he can't see the urologist until the 22nd.

I asked, "Well, have you called your regular doctor?"

"No. I might call her after while."

"Would you PLEASE call her and get in there to see her?"

Lovely conversation there. He's a disabled widower, living alone since my mom died 4 years ago, and he just doesn't take care of himself well at all. I live over 2 hours away. I have a kid in school, a 3 year old at home, and one getting ready to come any week now. What exactly am I supposed to do from here? I love my dad, don't get me wrong, but I can't be there to take care of him. So instead, I just get phone calls like that every now and then, worrying myself to death about him.

Then Zoe decides to pee all over herself, little pee trail all down the hallway, completely soaked her pants, panties, and socks. The kid is 3 now and still doesn't go to the potty by herself. I have to take her every couple of hours or so, or that is what happens. Luckily she hasn't had any poop accidents for a long time, but I have to make her sit on the potty every few days to do that too. *pulling my hair out!*

Then there's the cat. The spoiled, very co-dependent Poncho, who should be very grateful I let him back into the house after the older cat Charlie died, but true to a cat's nature--he's very selfish and has not the smallest shred of gratitude. He decided to puke all over the stairs again after begging for food all afternoon...even though he has perfectly good dry food in his bowl. I decided to try some of his moist food again. Nope, didn't suit his digestive tract, so he politely puked it up in several places on the stairs. I don't have any idea what to feed this cat now to make him happy. He was loving everything the first few weeks after we moved him in....tricked me into thinking he was grateful, I guess. Now, his true nature has emerged :/

So, I'm to the point where I want to go somewhere cool and quiet and tell everybody to shut up. Yes, I'm just that moody today.


Maggie said...

I commend you. I don't think your moody. I'd be in that mood if half of that happened to me.

What a day! UGH! ugh! UGGGHHHHH!

Yup. That's what I'd be doing.

Joni said...

Nope. Not moody. Just reacting appropriately to the days roller coaster of events. Annaliese at 3 1/2 still doesn't want to go potty unless we're away from home. She goes in the potty at church, stores, others' homes. Not here. And I'm not motivated enough to just give her the ultimatum and take away the pull ups.

Misty said...

We're still on pull-ups for naps, nighttime and long trips. I know she'll get it eventually. Thanks for not thinking I'm a mean, crabby woman :)