Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday, Monday

I have began to look forward to Monday mornings just a bit. I don't look forward to getting up early to get Meg off to school and Bryan off to work, but I do look forward to sitting for a while, drinking my coffee, watching Good Morning America. Of course, Zoe does eventually get up (right at 7 am this morning), so I have to get her settled down with some breakfast and juice, but then we can hang out in our PJ's for a while before the work begins.

Perhaps I should try being more productive right from the start, since Sunday's supposed to be our rest day, but Sunday for us is usually pretty busy with church activities, and I just don't have the chance for that quiet morning time. Should be spending this time doing Bible study too, but I'm just kinda in a slow down cycle at this season of my life. Whatever the case, I like my Monday mornings right now....just a bit. It's still MONDAY for goodness sakes!
By the way, we kicked off Christmas season with our annual Christmas banquet last night and had some great gospel music from the Conquerors afterwards (a men's quartet made up of some local fellows, including a great bass singer from our own church). Good stuff--great way to get in the Christmas spirit!

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