Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God bless the Flylady

I still get daily e-mails from www.Flylady.com, the lovely lady who's mission is to help us keep up with our daily chores without them weighing us down. I don't keep up with the e-mails often, I must say, but I do read some from time to time. Today's was poignant to me, reminding me that it's my attitudes that hold me back from improving important areas of my life. I share it here:

Dear Friends,We all have said this in our lives when we have been asked something.These words come out of our mouths before me can stop them. "I know"…These words are not said with an affirmative tone! They are said witha defeated tone and possibly a hint of anger.

Let's look at what this is all about! To me I know means we haveprocrastinated once again. We are saying that yes we knew we weresupposed to do something and then we didn't do it! We are taught that when we know to do something and we don't do thatwe have made a mistake. We don't like making mistakes. This is wherethe defeated attitude and anger comes in. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Here are some meanings to those habitual "I Knows".
A way to shut the other person up.
You are right; I need to think about that (just not right now!)
I can't make a mistake.
Puff yourself up (YES I KNOW THAT I AM NOT STUPID!)
Not being aware of what is coming out of your mouth
I already know that so just leave me alone!
It is just a habit.
I may know but I am still not going to do what you tell me to.
It's just too hard.

These words may have become a habit to say but it is important that weare aware of the words that come out of our mouth, how we use them andhow they are perceived. Just like with the word perfect we have tofind new ways to describe our feelings. Please watch yourself today with these words. The key to not sayingthem is DOING. Just knowing doesn't get something done! We have totake action! Then you can celebrate instead of being defensive!Do it now! Don't wait! FlyLady

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Your new header is absolutely adorable! :-)