Saturday, December 15, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

Thursday night, hubby was out of town. I got the girls to bed without much fuss and was able to sit and enjoy the beautiful lights from the Christmas tree and Christmas village, watching "A Saturday Night Live Christmas" (too funny) and just enjoyed the time with Poncho and my Zachaboo (yep, Zach's got a nickname now). I journaled in the baby's journal and enjoyed some Lucky Charms--I love cereal at night when I'm pregnant :)

Friday night, a Christmas party in O'boro with hubby. We rushed around to get ready and drop off the girls and we both were kinda cranky with colds brewing, but we were able to sit and eat a nice dinner there at a table to ourselves! Quiet, relaxing dinner. Decaf coffee with derby pie. A magician who was hilarious. We were dead tired when we got home, but it was nice.

Today, rainy and icky outside, but warm and cozy in here. Morning with sausage biscuits, jelly, OJ, and coffee. After that, Meg and I made out Christmas cards for family and friends. Sweet treats while we worked. A hot shower, a few chores, then I made a batch of pretzel candy. Our "Buddy" is here now for the afternoon and he and Meg are having a blast while Zoe is napping. I just enjoyed some honey/chamomile tea (so good on my throat) and am listening to some great instrumental music from "Maggie's" site. I'll be taking a bit of a nap soon, then baking some cookies.

Good stuff of the season. God is good!


Maggie said...

I just loved this post. I think the "I'm thankful for..." posts have literally fed me around blogdom this year, and this is one of them.

Great to be "with you" in music today!

Anonymous said...

Love the tree