Thursday, December 13, 2007

But not the season to fit in all your clothes :)

All that eating may keep you from wearing your favorite outfits, so beware! Treats in moderation, people.

My problem, however, is my pregnant body is rather hard to accomodate. I'm pretty much restricted to maternity clothes now.

I finally tried on the little black cocktail dress that my sis-in-law found for me. It looked quite lovely and fit wonderfully in the belly area--nice and loose--kind of a babydoll dress style. The top, however, was a different story. Bryan could barely get it zipped. My chest just didn't want to fit in there. :) When it was finally zipped, I couldn't move my arms up and down.

So, I've decided that comfort is more important than the sparkly fashion of the cocktail dress. I'm opting for the gray maternity dress pants, the red maternity (actually a juniors XL) short-sleeve roomy shirt with a white tank under it. I'm still wearing my heels though and I'll carry the purse that sis-in-law got to go with the dress.

Still wish I could wear it--bummer. And I was afraid it would be too BIG :)


Maggie said...

That must be truly awful.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just realized there is a wordpress setting in your comment thingy!

Misty said...

OH, yah, you're right! I didn't realize that either :)

About the clothes thing, not that I'm hating the cleavage, mind you, but most regular clothes just really aren't meant to fit ample chest growth :)

And the sad thing is, after the baby is born, and after the milk supply has come in and settled down, those will be the first things to go :(