Monday, November 26, 2007

The Monday after Thanksgiving

It's been a dreary day weather-wise, and just a little dreary in my heart this time of year too. Mainly because it seems that the holiday season is just one blur of activities and "stuff". Then it's gone, and we're left with all the receipts and the cabin fever of a long winter.

The whole weekend was nice, but went by so fast. We traveled to the in-laws Wed. night and didn't get there until around 9:30 pm. Thanksgiving day was probably the most restful day. I slept in as much as I could and just pattered around the in-laws' house, playing with the girls, making my cranberry salad, until dinner, which was big and delicious! The girls and I took nice naps after the meal. The house was quiet all afternoon--it was nice.

Bryan and I were able to take in a movie that night--"The Mist"--not recommended, especially for young viewers. Thankfully, the girls stayed with my in-laws. It was rather gross and had a twisted ending--so much for my pick. Usually I like a good scary movie--this wasn't one of them.

Friday, dinner at my dad's house. It went smoothly, except for having to clean the house for an hour before I could start cooking anything. Poor man, he has no idea how to keep anything clean. He supposedly had someone come in to clean for him a few days prior. I don't know what they cleaned, but it wasn't anything I could see! Thankfully, Bryan took the girls to run some errands while I did that. Then, I was able to get the turkey warming in the oven, mix up my stuffing, and cook mashed potatoes, green beans, and crescent rolls. My ex-sister in law and my youngest niece were able to come. I was so glad to have them. It felt a little more like a normal family. No word from my brother that day.

Bryan and I left there and decided to drop off the girls with his parents again and take in another movie. This time, "Fred Claus"--Bryan's choice. Much better choice. It was funny and had that predictable "you know someone's going to save Christmas" story. Not a holiday classic, but cute nonetheless. After the movie, we ate in the local Taco Bell where I worked one summer back in college days. Nothing had changed, except they didn't have any heat for the poor teenagers working in there. The poor little guy that took our order was shivering. I wanted to go get him a turtleneck or something.

Saturday, Bryan and I went shopping in Bowling Green together. We were able to almost completely knock out our Christmas list. The crowds weren't super bad either. I just do not go shopping on Friday after Thanksgiving, escpecially lining up in the wee hours of the morning to get trampled so I MIGHT be able to buy a stapler or something. Not worth it to me. I'd rather pay full price than risk my life, thank you. :) We got in and out of each store easily. I even bought some maternity clothes rather quickly (odd for me--I'm so indecisive and cheap).

Sunday, slept in, showered and and headed for home. Stopped in Bowling Green again for lunch (Mancino's pizza-yum!) and back for some quick naps before church. Megan's children's choir sang one song in our Hanging of the Greens service. Nice service. Good Christmas music and messages. Zoe was distracting, but it was still good. Left there, Happy Meals for the girls, soup for Bryan and me, and bed!

Today, not much of anything except washing clothes that we wore over the holiday. Trying to get my mind into Christmas mode, wondering about planning child-care, pictures, etc. Hoping to actually enjoy the season more than stress about it.

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Maggie said...

That's always seem so together for the holidays. The message Sunday was one I wish you could have heard. It was really good about the holidays not being about perfection and hot cocoa parties, but about our need for a Saviour due to our messes. It was refreshing for me.

So glad your holiday went well and you two got some love bird time!

(The girls seemed GREAT to me! I just loved watching them).