Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday musings

It's been a stressful few days dealing with a situation that's required a lot of time and energy--too much to think about posting anyway. I may talk about it at a later date when there is some victory over it.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about a small conversation I had with Meg the other day. Hubby and I have been taking a parenting Bible study at church on Wed nights and it's really taught us a lot. One night one of the topics was about teaching moments for your kids, specifically when you do something wrong, you should bring it to your kids' attention and apologize for the behavior and talk about it.

Well, one afternoon, I was particularly stressed and grumpy, and I was snapping at the kids too much.

Me: "Meg, I'm sorry I've been so grumpy. I've been tired and worried and I've been too mean because of it. Everyone gets grumpy sometimes, but that's no excuse to use mean words."

Meg: "That's ok. You're still a good mom."

I love my kid!

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