Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday--I need to laugh

I'm so moody today. Being amongst children literally all day long all week long has left me feeling shut out and worn out. Poor little guys don't understand why I'm not smiling today. I'm just doing, just moving, doing what is necessary. I'm looking forward to a little respite next week when we travel with my hubby to Louisville for a few days--he's got to be there all week for business meetings. The hotel where he'll be has a pool and we'll get some swimming in while he's working.

Sharing and turn-taking DO NOT come naturally to these children. In a house with hundreds of things to play with, there is inevitably fighting over one silly toy. I'm wondering if tying them to runs in the backyard might be a good idea at this point ;)


cheryl said...

sorry you are having a bad week. Hey I can't seem to get an email to you. Can you email me and see if that works or something?

Misty said...

Not a bad week, really, just a tiring week. Makes me grumpy after a few days. I enjoy VBS and all, but it takes a lot of time and commitment.

KnotKeats aka FormerPoet said...

Tieing them would be cruel and dehumanizing. Can't you just buy a dog run, one of those chain-link things maybe 20 ft. long and 8 ft. wide, say 5 ft. high. Then you con't have to worry about the collars bruising their necks.

Just go in and shovel the poop out once a day, then hose them down:)

You're back on my blogroll. I lost you when I shut down my old blog. Then I saw you had left a comment after I consolidated my new blog and put it on hold.

Meanwhile, I'll be lurking. Any time you need bad parenting advice, you can drop by and ask. I've never had kids, so I know everything about raising them.

Misty said...

I've been particularly moody this week--you'll see why in the latest post. Sorry if I left too moody of a comment. Thanks for coming back into the blogsphere.

Misty said...

By the way, I like the dog run idea. I like advise from childless people--gives me a different perspective and new ideas :)