Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Monday and I want caffeine

And I can't have it, but I really want it. Really. My eyes don't want to stay open. The decaf just ain't doin it.

Last night was our first night of Bible school. I'm the Preschool Crafts Director. The PROS: Seeing all of my youngins (Meg, "Buddy", and Zoe) rotating through in their classes and seeing the developmental differences in each of the four age groups (2's/3's, 4's, 5's, and Kindergarteners), and seeing how eager they are to learn about Jesus. The CONS: 2 hours straight of kids, glue, markers, paint. We get there about 5 pm to eat a light supper, Bible school starts at 6, and the first craft session starts at 6:30 and is over at 8:30.

For some reason, I was tossing and turning all night. So this morning makes for one tired mama. I still have laundry and dishes waiting for me to get them under control....oh, and the three youngins needing me to get them under control as well. I'm whiny today...can I have a time out? :)


Maggie said...

You rock.

But, I did have six in my house today.

And, it was still easier than even a couple toddlers...but, doesn't it SOUND impressive.

Flag football, pizza, pool...what a riot.

cheryl said...

It's Tuesday and I need pain medicine. I have a terrible head ache after taking my exit exam yesterday (200 questions, pass-get diploma, don't pass-no diploma :( no pressure right?) ugh ugh and ugh