Friday, July 13, 2007


I think I want to go on a vacation by myself...yep, to a nice spa where I'm pampered and I don't hear silly things like, "He's following me!", "I'm telling!", "I had it first!"

And I'm freaking out a bit because I haven't gotten Meg registered for school yet. No one seems to be in the office at the school she is supposed to be attending. I called the board of education and they said call the school--someone will be there sometime through the day. She's had her physical, but we still don't have the letter, and she still needs her eye exam. Now I realized that her dentist appt was scheduled for the second day of school! I didn't think school would be starting on AUGUST 2!!!! Our insurance won't pay before that day either, so now I've got her an appt at the very booked dentist 1/2 hour from us on August 31 at 3 PM, which means I'm still going to have to pick her up early from school to get there.

What are they thinking--starting the school year earlier and earlier every year? Forget it--I'm calling the spa! :)


Joni said...

Wow that is an early start. When do they get out? When Maddie started Kindergarten last year, they had early registration in April for the August start time. I think they know that first-time school moms don't know what to do or when. This year, Maddie doesn't have to register until Aug 7 and then starts school 2 weeks later. What's up with that? Can I join you at the spa? I promise not to whine. Much.

Maggie said...

Seriously. I think it's time stay at home moms have an uprising at the board of education.

I think it's more convenient for teachers and working moms, but for the's horrendous.

I am so frustrated with myself that I think I'd make a terrible home school mom or I'd just do it.

I think their whining would just about beat the schedule and democracy of it all.

Spa. Hmmm. When school starts, my pool will still be open for about four weeks. I'm seeing some "spa-like" non-kid potential in there.


Misty said...

They get out Mid-May. But it's getting earlier and earlier every year. I've heard it's because of CATS or KATS (*whatever*) testing scores. Apparently our kids aren't scoring hight enough. Sounds like we need better school systems, if you ask me.