Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The conspiracy

Every kindergarten and first grade student in our county needs primary tablets. You know, the ones with the wide paper, with dotted lines in the middle of each writing space.....well, the stores don't have any. I've checked most local retailers, including the all-powerful Super Wal-Mart. No primary tablets to be found. I keep getting the answer, "We're all sold-out." What??!! Why??!! The supply lists for the schools have been out since May or something. Why in the world didn't the stores order enough primary tablets to go around? One could make the argument, "Well, why didn't you buy school supplies sooner?" "Because", I would counter, "if every kindergartener and first grader needs them, and the stores have the lists early, then they should be able to anticipate how many to order and get enough!" They have every other notebook and enough glue to plug up a herd of elephants--just no primary tablets. What a wierd little community I live in....

On a good note, we attended Megan's open house at her new school last night. We met her teacher, a nice young, seemingly energetic (she'll need to be!) woman with bright eyes and a welcoming smile. Megan has a place card at one of the tables, sitting right next to some friends from preschool! She has her own closet and cubby. We even put money on her lunch account and signed her up to ride the bus. They have computers right in the classroom. I feel so old. I didn't see a computer until I was in high school. Things sure have changed.

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