Monday, July 30, 2007

Buddy's last day

Today is our "Buddy's" last day here. He'll be starting a new preschool/daycare this week. We had a "goodbye" lunch at McDonald's and the kids played outside for a good long while afterwards. Megan and "Buddy" argued as usual up to the last minute :) They're napping peacefully now, all three of them, for the last time together. Another season of life coming to a close, and a new one on the way. I rounded them all up this morning to get a photo of them together while they were playing. After several tries, I finally got all three of them looking at me at the same time. We'll miss our "Buddy" around here, but I'm looking forward to a change of pace, too. I'll get to spend some quality time with Zoe while Meg's in Kindergarten. We'll probably go to library story-time together, days at the park, etc. I remember trying to get all that time in with Meg before Zoe was born.

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