Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday's Headlines

I've seen and heard some interesting news-bytes this week. Here's a recap. Discussion is welcome.

From Good Morning America:
Don't forget--no overtime, no paid vacations, no benefits...except for sticky hugs and kisses--I'd call those some great benefits!! The piece I saw on the actual show this morning was a little more detailed of a SAHM's work. In this article, I like the ideas they give for moms considering going back to work, but I think they are downplaying the SAHM role a bit here. Also, the decision to be a SAHM in the first place is hard for a lot of women and tips for transitioning from the workplace to full-time mom would be helpful. What do you think?

From American Family Association(AFA):
Do any of you get e-mails from the AFA? They send out awareness e-mails about laws and public events that may affect Christian families. Though some of their notices I agree with and have even e-mailed lawmakers about, this one and many others, sound so "doom-sayer", that I can't help but roll my eyes. They're calling this a "thought crimes" law, which "aims to silence biblical Judeo-Christian speech and beliefs about homosexuality and “transgenderism.” Other e-mails about this have that "homosexuals are taking over the world" feel. If you read the description about this law here, it seems to lean toward better legal assistance with local hate CRIMES. I didn't see anything in there about speech. Furthermore, we should be embracing loving speech anyway. I'm not saying we should condone homosexuality, etc, etc. But how about just preaching about how Christ died for them as any other sinner? We shouldn't be wanting to speak derogatively about anyone anyway. Is anyone picturing the dodo bird from the original "Ice Age"? "Doom on you...doom on you!"

And finally from Yahoo News:
As I sip my decaf and blog about this--I'm feeling healthier with each drink. Not much else to say about this one really. Just good to hear something good about one of my addictions :)


Greg Landheim said...

I was pleased by your comments about the mailing from the "From American Family Association."

The problem with organizations like that (and I'm not necessarily saying this is true of the AFA) is they start out as advocates, then they either become fanatics, or the organization takes on a life of its own, i.e., it exists to perpetuate the organization.

Either of the latter is bad. A razor's edge separates heaven and hell. It's easy to get cut.

As for "sins" like homosexuality, I knew a few while they were going through the period where they were discovering their sexuality. They were not happy about it. They wanted to be "normal." Their own beliefs, society's expectations, and their confusion and fear made life hell for them.

Even people who think that homosexuality is a choice and a sin would do well to show tolerance. I've certainly performed my share of sins, and I don't know many people who haven't.

Misty said...

I was hesitant to post this at first because I believe they are trying to do good things, but I just don't agree with their approach or attitude sometimes. Too much doom and gloom and paranoia from some of their notices. I believe it is wrong to persecute anyone, especially if they aren't hurting people. I still don't think homosexuality is right, but I believe in tolerance. I don't think some other religions are right, but I belive in tolerance for them as well.

The only people I believe I'd like to hurt are child molesters and abusers. Oh, what I would like to do to them....but THAT's another post!