Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And then the puke started...

*Update* Poor Meg vomited all through the night. First about every half hour, then about every 45 minutes until finally around 3 am or so (my brain is still foggy about times) she was able to sleep until about 5:30 (which means I slept too...ahh) and vomited once more. So far, now at 8:15 she hasn't vomited yet since. She's sipping Pedialyte and finally keeping some down. I gave her the borrowed Phenegren twice last night and once more just a while ago. Thanks Maddie's mom!! I'll probably be making a trip to fill a new prescription in a little while, when I see if Meg is feeling stronger.

I'll try to avoid leaving up a puke post again. As soon as I get some preschool graduation pics/video up I'll get rid of this one. Poor Meg, the diarrhea stopped mid-naptime so we got a bath and got all decked out in her little dress with the school teddy bears on it. Each child was to dress as what they wanted to be when they grow up. So, Meg was a teacher--school teddy bear dress, hair pulled back, holding a book and ruler. 10 minutes before we had to leave she walked into the bathroom and projectile vomited. At least it was on the vinyl. So after we hurried and changed into another cute, but not quite as fitting dress, we rushed off to preschool graduation with only 2 minutes to spare. Meg was able to make it through her little poem (she did very well, actually) and the songs and Spanish language demonstration. Then as everyone was headed into the gym for refreshments, Bryan attempted to get a pic of her on the stage and she got sick again. Luckily I was prepared with a towel to catch it.

One great surprise of the evening....Meg's Nana, Papa, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bradley drove 2 hours just to see her graduate! We were so happy to see them but sad Meg was sick for their visit. So, now Meg and I are camped out in the living room on the couch. I've borrowed some Phenegren gel from one of the other Pre-K moms and we're hoping it will kick in. She's been vomiting all evening. She's trying to sip Pedialyte, but not keeping it down well so far. I'm going to sleep in here with her tonight and keep an eye on her. I'm just thankful that she's never been this sick before. The timing was lousy, but she's been a very healthy child. I can't imagine how moms get through chronic illness with children. I'll update you tomorrow about her condition.


Maggie said...

I knew before you. I knew before you!

(Um, not about the vomiting, the visit!) :D

Glad things still went fairly well. They will be able to share the memory with her as she grows...won't that be heart-warming?

Misty said...

They totally surprised us! I didn't even see them until I came in to the sanctuary and was talking to Bryan in the pew, telling him that I was going to sit up front in case Meg got sick. He then pointed over beside him and I saw them! I'm not very observant--of course, I was in my "mom of sick kid" mode.

cheryl said...

Thanks to Maggie I figured out where to go. I kinda emailed her in a panic to find out for sure where it was. She was so helpful!