Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Can any of you moms tell me exactly what age do children learn to reach the toilet on time to vomit? Everytime a kid gets sick around here, up it comes where they're standing. 10 seconds of puking....1 and 1/2 hours of cleaning. "Buddy" was the sick one today. After he went home early, I wore my arms out shampooing, bleaching the trim in the hallway, and taking a toothbrush to remove the puke from under the trim and bathroom threshold. He did try to get to the bathroom, I think. And managed to get round two in there after I moved him to the toilet.

All my nose can smell now is bleach. I'm sitting down though, eating my dark chocolate mini eggs...I don't care how many I eat...don't try to stop me...I'm a woman on the edge! :O


Joni Ruhs said...

I'm with ya again. Its always late night puke too. Cleaning sheets at 2 am. Sorry I didn't read it sooner. Hope all is well now. Dark chocolate. Its nature's little Prozac!

Misty said...

Meg had the last late night puke last summer. Chicken and broccoli--all over the bed and in the floor. Oh, that was a hard one to clean up! Luckily, my kids don't seem to be prone to many stomach bugs, and I'm not either. My hubby, on the other hand gets a couple each year.

Maggie said...

I would choose to sit and read blogs while eating breakfast.

Yup...there is not age. My 10 year old got the best of me this year.

But, once they learn the "urge"...they tend to know what it means more the next time unless it's just a REALLY bad virus.

Greg Landheim said...

I don't know if you read the "Baby Blues" comic strip. I went online to see if I could get a link to today's, but their official site is lagging by two weeks.

Today the mom and dad and kids are visiting an Open House for sale.

Dad: "Oh, We're not interested in buying."

Mom: "We just like to visit houses where everything isn't sticky."

I thought of you.

Happy trails (of goo)