Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Still here

I'm still here, just not in a bloggity mood. In fact, I'm sick of my moods. Since I've been off birth control, it's been a hormonal roller coaster. I enjoy the evenness of the birth control moods. I don't like this natural state :)

Don't think I'm preggers this month either. Took an early test Sunday and it was negative. Aunt Flo will likely show tomorrow. This kid is being more stubborn than the other too. Maybe he/she will be the shy one :)

Got three more blueberry plants and got them in the ground Monday. Now I have 9--hoping for nice harvests in a couple years time. Worried about the freezing temps harming the blooms on my established plants. Going to try to cover them with garbage bags each night while the temps are low. Want to save as many berries as I can. I have to say, the folks over at Nourse Farms, a family-owned company where I purchased my plants, are VERY kind and helpful at answering my novice gardener questions. Got e-mails back from Nick Nourse advising on how to protect from the freeze. Check them out for all kinds of varieties of berry plants...and asparagus (not sure how that fits in there, but I like asparagus) here:

One final update--bought some dark chocolate Mini-Eggs, just because I wanted some. Those are mama's candy...don't touch!! Happy Easter! :)

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Joni Ruhs said...

Sorry about the moods. Having the same thing yesterday and today. Mine are the opposite. I was fine until I started birth control. Grr. So now I just want to cry. I'm trying to lose weight so I'm avoiding the chocolate eggs but might break into my son's potty-training reward--M&Ms. They're dark chocolate. How bad can they be?