Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tuesday's Terrific Food--2 days late *blush*

Sorry I was away from the blogsphere. I have been burning DVD's on my computer and it takes a few hours for each one, so it's been tied up. I've been a bit pre-occupied with this baby-making drama too. I'm on day 27 of my cycle now and my temp was down today, so that probably means old Aunt Flo is on her way. I'm going to medicate myself with a therapy session with my small group tonight, consuming pizza, triple chocolate fudge brownies, real Coca-Cola, and board games. We're on our last night of our "Intimate Issues" Bible study, so we're celebrating with a little fellowship.

For our food today, here's some quick snack ideas that I indulge in frequently:

Stove-top popcorn
1/2 cup good quality popcorn (not microwave!)
1 tbsp canola oil
Fat Free Parkay spray
Popcorn salt (it's finer than regular salt so will stick better)
Heat oil in a good Dutch oven over medium heat for just a minute. Add popcorn and cover. Shake the popcorn around a bit to coat with oil. Listen closely to hear when it starts to pop. Then, every few seconds, using a towel to protect your hands, hold the pot and toss the corn around as it pops. When it slows down to just a couple pops every 2 or 3 seconds, take it off the heat. Spray with the Parkay, then add popcorn salt, cover and toss. Repeat this a few times until it's seasoned just the way you like. Enjoy! I have started liking this so much better than microwave corn.
Oven S'mores
Graham crackers
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Mini marshmallows
Turn oven on to broil. Lay out one layer of graham crackers on small baking pan. Add a few chocolate chips to each. Then add some marshmallows. Put in oven under broiler for about 1 minute, or just until the marshmallows start to get golden brown. I usually just keep the oven door open on the first notch to keep an eye on them. Remove from oven and add a top layer of cracker to each one. Enjoy! These are one of my favorite afternoon snacks. In the words of Shakira--"My hips don't lie!" :)

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cheryl said...

We should have made that when we had our girls day at mom's house. We will have to remember that. It was snowing and everything and those snacks would have been great. I want to do that again,before the year is over. I think that we need to do that more than once a year.