Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's catch up post

I've been enjoying the outdoors this week. The weather has warmed up and it's been so pleasant outside, especially today. My evil Aunt Flo arrived in full force yesterday, so I'm brushing her off to enjoy the warm weather. I was fortunate to have a wonderful last night of our Intimate Issues Bible study in my small group. Well, mostly it was just food and fun, but I REALLY needed that. Salad, real Coca-Cola, pizza, and brownies. And very funny laughs playing Scattergories! So, I've been neglecting my blog this week and many other endeavors.

I took the kids to our church's playground and gym today and met up with "Maggie "and her youngins. Had a great long play time with them. Then back home, palyed outside AGAIN after begging to ride the scooters ("Buddy" had brought his today and wanted a chance to show off his skills). So, 10 minutes of that, then back in for a quick lunch---until "Buddy", who had shown off impeccable dexterity skills on his two wheeled scooter, decided to open the door from the garage into the house, lock it, and then shut it back. So, 15 more minutes of me calling hubby to see how to get the door off the hinges the best, and back and forth to the big garage to get an appropriate tool to pry it off. I had to put Zoe back in her car seat, then made the two big kids plant themselves in some chairs while I worked on it. So, finally off, washed up, quick lunches, and naps.

I decided to sit outside and talk to my dad on the phone while I enjoyed the quiet and warm sun. Then, I changed litter boxes and cut a kite out of a tree....oh, didn't tell you that one, did I? The kids and I decided to fly their kites on Wednesday, and after telling THEM repeatedly to keep them away from the trees, then I, yes I---got Meg's Care Bear kite stuck in the tree. So, today, the branch finally gave way enough that I could reach it and cut it down. It was a $4 kite...I'll buy another one.

My outdoor adventures have not been without their challenges this week, but I've really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine anyway. I hope you've enjoyed my catch-up blog. I'll really try to do better next week.


Greg Landheim said...

It's spring weather around here too. Your mention of brownies reminded me of a miracle that happened tonight.

I'd just finished eating dinner. I opened the cookie jar and there were two cookies left. I scowled and thought, "How am I going to watch a movie tonight with only two cookies?"

Then the phone rang. It was my neighbor from two doors down. She said she had left a bag of cookies on my doorknow. We chatted for awhile, then I went and checked the door.

A dozen chocolate chocolate-chip cookies, home-baked and the chips still soft.

Guess how many are left?

Misty said...

That would count as a miracle in my book! What a nice surprise. I'd love to open my door to a batch of fresh cookies right now :)