Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Memories?

So, I've decided to tentatively begin a new Monday topic--scrapbooking. I haven't been inclined to delve into the scrapbooking much since I finished my MIL's scrapbook for Christmas. I've got this nice Photoshop Elements program and Scrapbook Flair, yet it's just not in my blood yet, or something. I thought maybe if I dedicate a day to blogging about it, I might at least get a page a week done. This may last for a couple weeks, or many months, but seems like a good idea for the present, so bear with me.

Now, be prepared for the sweetest thing you've ever seen. I made an 8x8 page out of this picture my husband made and edited. It really didn't need much embellishment but I added a Bible verse. Let me know what you think. I call it, "Zoe's Prayer".


Magnanimity said...

Oooh! I love it. You were right to leave it simple. I love the verse.

gchyayles said...

That's beautiful. One of my favorite scriptures! Have a blessed day!

Cheryl said...

look how sweet that baby is! makes things seem so calm.