Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's Quote to Ponder

"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough."
~Albert EinsteinUS (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

Okay, I haven't been better this week with blogging either. I feel like I should apologize, because I have this guilt complex thing, but who exactly am I apologizing to? My huge fan base? (*tiny laugh in the background, followed by a lone cricket chirping) I know a few of you read my blabberings on here, but if I sit out a few days, I'm sure it won't affect your lives that much.

I've just been enjoying the todays--not looking into the future too much. My kids are growing up like weeds and we've had a few days of warm weather and I'm enjoying it all. Last night, I watched Mulan II with Megan cuddling on my lap. She looked up at me with those big, hazel eyes and said, "I just LOVE cuddling with you, mom!" Now, how could I miss that?? Mulan II wasn't exactly a good movie (lousy, weak plot you'd expect from a straight to video movie), but just to sit a while, 5 year old daughter laid back in my lap, smelling her coconut shampoo in her hair--priceless. I won't be able to cuddle like that with my firstborn for long. So, I'm soaking it up, every little sweet moment like that. And I'm not going to be sorry if I didn't keep up with my blog, or have a perfectly organized house, or get pictures of it all. I'm just loving the moment, not thinking about the future that comes too soon.


cheryl said...

i just love those babies. Oh I wish I could cuddle up with them.

gchyayles said...

That is so beautiful! I can't wait to have children and experience those little, precious moments of motherhood. Thank God for those moments and thank you for sharing yours with us! Don't feel guilty about not blogging although I hear you; I was sick for two weeks and didn't touch my blog and I felt so guilty even though my blog is private and only Maggie reads it ::sheepish grin::

{Btw in case you're wondering who this out-of-the-blue/random chick is, I came across your blog through Maggie's blog and I really have been enjoying your posts. You have really encouraged me on some down days so thank you!}

Be blessed!

Misty said...

Thanks so much for visiting! I've seen you commenting on Mag's site. Having babies sure changes your life! Hope you'll have some as sweet as mine :) I'll have to pop in on your blog sometime.

Jules said...

What? I hang on your every word typed!!!!!!!!

Kids are so fun. I need to take more time to appreciate that!

Misty said...

Oh, boy--you're in trouble! :) I'll make you as crazy as I am. Glad you're a blog friend though!

Magnanimity said...

Sweet post...and, you don't need to take pictures because you have a great memory. I, however...remember very little!

I think I take so many pictures because I felt so much of my family life was lost when Mom and Dad divorced. Somehow, I think it will help me stay focused on what should be most important to me...

Keep cuddling!

We saw The Fox and The Hound II this weekend, and One Night with a King about Esther. I liked both of them...but I love Bible movies. They help me connect, even if they are embellished, as this one was.