Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday's Wacky Wild Trivia!

In the spirit of Valentine's day, here is some trivia on some bizarre animal mating rituals. Two extreme examples:

1. Squid--They mate all day long for two weeks. At sunlight, they begin. The female only takes a break to dive down and deposit eggs. At twilight, they stop to eat and rest and by dawn, they're at it again. No Viagra needed by these guys!

2. The Adele Penguin--Once a year, the males signal their intentions to their prospective mates by rolling a stone at her feet. Two weeks after they pair up, they mate--for 3 minutes. Neither penquin will mate for the rest of the year. Talk about commitment!

Here's to a Valentine's Day that is JUST RIGHT!

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cheryl said...

No wonder squids are such frale little creatures :)