Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday's Wacky Wild Trivia!

I've decided to change my Wednesday theme. I didn't think I did so well with Faves and Flops. It was hard to think of things to fit those categories. So, I'm treating you all to some wacky wild trivia. It will mostly be about the natural world, wierd science, etc. Hope you enjoy! Here's today's trivia:

The Angler Fish:
It was one of Marlin and Dory's enemies in "Finding Nemo", but the angler fish is no mere cartoon villain. It's a real deep-water fish, often living in waters over a mile deep. The wierdest thing I've discovered about this fish is that the males of the species are tiny, and to mate with the females, they actually bite into her skin, fusing with her to become nothing more than a parasitic growth, eventually losing eyes and internal organs and are only capable of depositing sperm. Talk about being too clingy! Here's a good website with some more info. Knowledge is power! Or at least interesting conversation :)
You can also see this wierd fish featured on Most Extreme "Lovers" episode on Animal Planet, I think.

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