Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday's Laugh out Loud--not really.

I've cheated you out of laughs the last two Thursdays. But, I found something even better today. My hubby sent me a great link to a broadcast on It is about contentment, and REALLY hits home this time of year. Especially with me today.

Yesterday, I developed a urinary tract infection, got my period, and a canker sore. And still have the sniffles. I'm wrestling with discontentment, yes, but when I hear this, I think of how good I really have it. Do you ever think about how little Jesus had when He lived here? He was basically homeless. Think about all you have this Christmas and appreciate it--realize "how much you already have" and listen to this:


Jules said...

Helllooooo Misty,
This is my first visit. Love it.
Sorry to hear about all the inflictions on your body. Personally, the canker sores rate as the worst on the list in my book.
I look forward to visiting more often. I'll add ya to my links.

Misty said...

Thanks for visiting me! I love your site too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Misty

Have enjoyed your posts the few times I have been on here; sorry about the pain in your body. I'm praying tht you're feeling better by now (I'm a few days late, I know, sorry). I had a year long battle with UTI's due to having interstitial cystitis. However, prayed and prayed and prayed and learned to say 'thank you Jesus' every time the burning started up again and yes, Glory to God, He healed me. I would have to say UTI's are the worst feeling ever. Talk to you later, God bless you!

Misty said...

Nice to have you anonymous! Wish I knew who you are :)

About the UTI's, I honestly would rather give birth again unmedicated than have a bad UTI. That's how much I hate them!

I'm doing much better now, after a round of antibiotics and cranberry tablets and enough water to drown a whale :)